You still believe that this is the only order possible: School – University – Job – Pension. Common lifestyle: Stand up, go to a work you do not like, spend money you don not have, buy stuff you do not need to impress people you do not like. I know, I know… I was also in this game and I was willing to follow the rules. But then something happened. I did not changed the rules. I changed the whole game.

I am Arbrim and I want to tell you the story of an asylum seeker, who became a software engineer working in a big corporate and following the dream of an exciting career. I want to tell you the story of a guy who became a victim of an inception. A simple idea. A virus. Resistent. Fast growing. Highly contagious.

I am talking about the idea of living life based on own terms. Full in charge, but also full in self-determination. From this idea I decided to become a freelancer, which was the first step of stepping out the system. With growing self-confidence I moved on to start up my own online business, which I called MakerMinds, a digital full-remote company with currently five team members pushing towards our mission. By doing so I was immersed in the fields of digital business, working time and location independent and merging my work with my personal life, which enabled an unreal lifestyle. A lifestyle of earning money while travelling, meeting like-minded people and doing meaningful work based on fulfillment and joy.

My mission is simple: We as a global society are moving super fast into a more and more digital world, but at the same time still too many people have no idea what the heck is going on. So I want to inspire people to have at least a look at the fabulous world of digital work and the game-changing effects on ones life. And the most important part while doing this: Not describe this lifestyle theoretically, but actually exemplify it by myself.

I am glad you arrived on my little island to get inspired by some out-of-the-box thinking, digital opportunites to create an online business, but also the art of increasing your amount of freedom and fulfillment. Finally I will show you how you can work time and location independent on projects you love. 

This is the island where makers gonna make and gamechangers co-create the future. 

Let us start the party.



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