I'm Arbrim.
Your Mentor for Software Engineering.


Information overflow

You want to learn and improve your software engineering skills, but the information flood on the internet confuses you more than it helps. All this online articles and forums, all this youtube videos – what is really important as a software engineer? Besides that – what is less important or not important at all? Books over books, university professors speaking, but not explaining. And last but not least all these terms like Object-Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, Multithreading and Concurrency, APIs and Webservices, Microservices, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

If you could just find some kind of a lighthouse. A mentor, who can guide you. Someone who can show you that red thread. A clear structure. A path. Someone who has been there, where you are right now and at the same time someone who currently is there, where you want to be in the future. 

I’m Arbrim, nice to meet you.



As a freelance full-stack Java Software Architect I support clients to digitalize their business processes.


As the founder and director, the goal is to develop high effective e-learning coaching systems for IT beginners and professionals.

From a Software Engineer to an Online Entrepreneur

About me

In 2009, I decided to study business informatics in a dual system. After completing my bachelor’s degree in 2012, I entered the IT market as a Java software developer. In 2014, I collaborated for the first time with freelance software engineers and they infected my thoughts to become a freelancer as well one day.
I continued to professionalize myself working for a big software consulting company until 2018 and learning as much as I could about the field of professional software engineering. In 2018 I quit my job because it was time for me to stand on my own feets and face the challenge of becoming a freelancer.
In the beginning I thought this is it, the last chapter of my career. I will continue working as freelancer until the end (retirement). But then something unexpected happened. In addition to my skills as a software engineer, I have got myself into the field of entrepreneurship. So in 2019 I took on a new challenge: setting up and running my own company. First, I founded MakerMinds LLC in my home country, Kosovo.
With that, I made my first steps as an online entrepreneur and developed a concept for a full-remote company. With this model, I established structures and processes to allow the company to operate completely online. The teams communication and organization, as well as the products / services offered are completely digital. MakerMinds LLC develops effective e-learning products for the training and further education of IT specialists.

Through this experience, I made the decision in 2021 to found MakerMinds GmbH in Germany. The complete digital corporate structure and the orientation of the products and services go hand in hand with the templates developed by MakerMinds LLC.


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