I'm Arbrim.
A Software Architect & Online Entrepreneur.



As a freelance full-stack Java Software Architect I support clients to digitalize their business processes.


Become a Java software engineer within a three month online training combined with another three month internship.


As the founder and director, the goal is to develop high effective e-learning coaching systems for IT professionals.

From a Software Engineer to an Online Entrepreneur

About me

In 2009, I decided to study business informatics in a dual system. After completing my bachelor’s degree in 2012, I entered the IT market as a Java software developer. In 2014, I collaborated for the first time with freelance software engineers and they infected my thoughts to become a freelancer as well one day.
I continued to professionalize myself working for a big software consulting company until 2018 and learning as much as I could about the field of professional software engineering. In 2018 I quit my job because it was time for me to stand on my own feets and face the challenge of becoming a freelancer.
In the beginning I thought this is it, the last chapter of my career. I will continue working as freelancer until the end. But then something unexpected happened. In addition to my skills as a software engineer, I have got myself into the field of entrepreneurship. So in 2019 I took on a new challenge: setting up and running my own company. First, I founded MakerMinds LLC in my home country, Kosovo.
With that, I made my first steps as an online entrepreneur and developed a concept for a full-remote company. With this model, I established structures and processes to allow the company to operate completely online. The teams communication and organization, as well as the products / services offered are completely digital. MakerMinds LLC develops effective e-learning products for the training and further education of IT specialists.

Through this experience, I made the decision in 2021 to start the company MakerMinds as a GmbH in Germany. The completely digital corporate structure and the orientation of the products and services go hand in hand with the templates developed by MakerMinds LLC.


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