Entrepreneurship & Continuous Improvement

About starting a business and become super human.



My dream came true. I became a freelancer and was self-employed. Never beg my boss for a higher salary and make requests for vacation again. The feeling was amazing before I even started. I wanted to learn more about the freelancing business and bought a book which introduced me to a quite interesting person: Tim Chimoy. He was the author of Freelancing Business, a book about a freelancer who productized his work by outsourcing to a service.

Hey, hey, hey… what? I just became a freelancer and wanted to start doing projects, earn a lot of money and buy me time from that. Time to not think all the time about how to pay the bills and keep pushing the pedals of the hamster wheel. But this guy was talking about the next step. The step after freelancing. I was shocked. My focus was on thinking about how I will acquire the projects and improve my profile for self marketing reasons. The dream became pale.

Freelancing meant to be dependant from projects and to still change your time for money. It is still a trap, but it gives you the feeling of killing it related to employed guys. The moment realizing this brought the house of cards to collapse. But I was not disappointed or confused. I build up the house of cards again but this time in a different style. What I saw this time was a clear goal. The next big thing. Something I know I would love because it was somehow a piece of me all the time: Entrepreneurship.

My awareness changed completely and I became obsessed by the idea of continious improvement. From January on I red one book after another. The topics were a mix of personality development, biohacking and modern business knowledge. I switched my nutrition to the ketogenic diet providing me a better focus, awakeness and control over my energy level. I started to workout 2 times a week without any excuse. Furthermore I got introduced to the Miracle Morning approach which gave me one full hour to read or exercise in the morning. But I didn´t stop exploring and experimenting with biohacking, so the latest approach I tried out was the polyphasic sleeping. I will cover the whole biohacking thing in an own article because we got slightely offroad.

Thinking about entrepreneurship led me to the fact that I don´t want to just simply establish a company and hire some employees for selling services such as software consultancy. I want to dive into business model development to help people with business ideas creating and launching a product. I really have to recommend a book here which was overwhelming for this topic: Smart Buisness Concepts.

I don’t know if you realized it, friends, but we are moving into a strange new world. Youtube superstars, blogging experts working from Thailand or T-Shirt logo designer making  a good living. Digitalization is taking over business and our lifes. Work hard? No. Work smart? Hell yeah.

Are you ready for this adventure? I can tell you, I am!