How I Changed The Game By Qutting My Job

A review after almost two years of self-employment.



In my older article Strange New World I was able to reflect my decision of quitting my job and being a self-employed freelancer for eight months. Now almost two years past and it happened so much, that it´s overhelming what an impact my decision to leave the “secure area” as an employee had. It feels like Morpheus in person unplugged me from the Matrix.

Today I´m not only a freelance software engineer, but I´m also running my own full-remote company MakerMinds with four employed team members. I´m working time and location independent, being able to combine work and travel to new spots. I´m not waiting for the weekends and holidays to come anymore, but design my activities in a self-determined way. Finally I truly achieved to live life based on my own rules.

But where does all this self-confidence come from? Now we arrived at the magic word  called mindset. When we look at mindset as a combination of the way we think and by that the way we act, it seems that these two components behave like muscles. I truly believe that we can train self-confidence. That we can train discipline. That we can achieve our most ambitious goals by continiuously leaving our comfort zone and explore new opportunites. Finally exploring our own hidden capabilities.

“So, how do you know if a decision is the right one? Is there a way to ensure that the option you pick is the best one? That it will outshine everything that could have been?” 
Gary Vaynerchuk

What would myself from the Strange New World article back in August 2018 answered, when you asked me about my own self-assessment to run an own company and to manage a full remote team? I´m sure this person would not answered “YES, let´s do this.”

There was an own process that was running from August 2018 to February 2019, where MakerMinds was founded. All the content I consumed, all the people I met and all the experiences I collected along the way made it possible to take this big step in my professional career.


Now let´s revert this for a second. Imagine I would have been too scared to quit my job back at the end of 2017. I would tell myself to wait some more months as I´m too young and too unexperienced to become self-employed. That this step is too dangerous and too unsecure. I could end up with no income and would put myself into trouble. Also drawing the picture of what my parents and other people would say, when I fail. Letting pessimism and negativity taking over to stop myself unleashing my full potential.

Now let´s jump back to what actually happened. Moving to Germany back in 1993 was a win. Anything could have happened along the way, but my family and I made it. Living for 14 years in an asylum skyscraper and finishing my school career and studies successfully was a win. I could have become criminal and lose control over my life, but I made it. 

Starting in a software consulting company, working in big software projects and becoming one of the lead developers were all wins and important small milestones which shaped my self-confidence. 

We now come back to my assumption, that our mindset behaves like a muscle and we can train our way to think and our way to act. By achieving small goals you shift your thinking of what is possible and what is not. You shift your self-confidence from “I can´t do it” to “I can achieve anything that I can imagine”. Achieving this level of confidence will make you able to break all boundaries, as your biggest enemies called fear and pessimism are not longer able to take over. 

If I would try to sell a motivation book, I would tell you that you have just to believe in yourself and everything will be fine. But this is not the essential part of the story. What I´m talking about is to continiuously improve your mindset by setting and achieving small goals. Improve your skills and become a valuable member of our society. And also don´t neglect your fitness and nutrition. Last but not least: Leave your comfort zone. I realized it´s the best way to increase discipline and get full control over yourself.

At this point I want to introduce my upcoming concept called Super Human Mind, where all areas of leading a successful life will be covered. Therefore I will also share my own experiences related to different fields like fitness, nutrition and building discipline to achieve all of your goals. I´m excited to dive into this adventure with you guys, so stay tuned.