Gamechangers in Kosovo

About returning back home, destiny and a mission to make the future.



It’s pretty ironic that I’m in Kosovo for three weeks now, knowing that two more weeks will follow. As I mentioned in my previous article, just a few years ago I decided to not travel to Kosovo anymore. The reason was that some kind of paralysis state took over me, while staying at this place. There were too many impressions at the same time, not being ready at that point to handle them all at once. Moving from Kosovo to Germany in 1993 and returning 14 years later in 2007, enabled this overload to become so powerful. It literally knocked me out in the first round.

About Destiny

In WHO AM I – Part One until Three I explained my story moving from Kosovo to Germany, finishing my different school stages, completed university, got employed and finally found my way to become self-employed. I´m often thinking about the chain of opportunities making myelf able to reach all the things I´m thankful for. I enjoy the proudness of my parents, the great support by my brother and my own family first lifestyle. But there was a dark side of all this as well. The first time I travelled to my home country Kosovo in 2007, I found a place in a mess by war aftermath. I experienced a desperate youth, unemployed and without any perspective. But the worst thing, I accepted what I saw and was just happy to live in Germany.

Waking up

But suddenly everything changed. It feels like everything happened so far, should have happened to prepare the path I’m walking on right now. Starting up MakerMinds as my first business in my home country Kosovo and even my home city Podujeva is a feeling that is really hard to describe. It felt like a country was calling for help, but at the same time I was dealing with my own insecurities. I was lost in a perfect world, with a great job, living in a house I never imagined to be able to afford with an also lovely family around me. And still I was losing grip to reality because I felt so empty even when I had everything I wanted and fought for the last few years.

“Everything you do is based on the choices you make”  -Wayne Dyer

A New Mission

Thinking a lot about different aspects of my life and relationships brought me to an impacting turnaround. Suddenly I was thinking way more about my home country Kosovo and the lack of perspective there. Especially for the youth, but also the countries future. Realizing that people from the diaspora are also in charge to make a difference in Kosovo made me pumped to fly back home. This happened at the end of January this year and it filled me with so much hope, perspective and energy again. And there is only one thing I’m more grateful for that anything else on that one. It’s that my best friend and partner for so many years, I can call my brother, joined this gamechanger journey. Together we are spreading the idea of creating digital jobs in our home country by offering meaningful and fulfilling work. Beside that we ́re also covering important topics, such as empathy, awareness and mindset extension to unleash hidden potentials of Kosovo’s society.

MakerMinds - Make The Future

For a long period MakerMinds was started up as a full remote company by a team operating over a distance of around 2000 kilometers, where everyone was working from home. This was our first hypothesis: It doesn’t make a difference where you are, but how much work gets done at the end of the day. We passed all our skills and knowledge to our team members, that we’ve learned the past years in Germany. Thereby we were able to test this hypothesis. We hired nearly every month a new team member to support our vision and introduce them to our values, purpose, vision and strategy. And we are so proud that things are working out. For us, but even more for the future of our home country.

At MakerMinds we are combining digital product development and virtual assistance. By building up this approach, we established a wide range of modern products and services. As this is still not enough we are about to offer trainings/coachings to enable more people get in touch with the global digital market, we are all part of. But the details of our business workstyle and structure is worth an own article.

We all have the ability to co-create the future. So come on Kosovo, I know we can do this!

It’s Arbrim, from MakerMinds L.L.C.