Into Blognesss

About the beginning – starting an own blog.


You know that feeling, right? I should start a blog. I will start it tomorrow. Days passed by and nothing happened. You forgot to do it. More days passed by and you think that you really should start a blog. Not because to have a blog, but to tell the stories you think people would be fascinated of. You really think by that you can inspire the world. But you still don´t started. What is this? Why we just can´t start? Let´s just start. I know we can do it. Changing everything.

If you free your mind from always being perfect and caring so much about other people’s opinion, not getting paralyzed by your fears and not avoiding every aspect of discomfort, you can do whatever you want and really claim you are living life based on your own rules.
Arbrim Thaci

I´m Arbrim,  currently 30 years old, living near Cologne in Germany and I used to work as a freelance software engineer. I stopped to count which attempt this is of starting an own blog but I have build up a certain discipline and motivation the last few months, so I try jumping into blogness again. I will use this article to introduce myself and explain what topics this blog, but also this website will cover. So you can decide if you want to follow this guy or close this site as quick as possible.

Last year I made three big decisions which changed my life and my lifestyle a lot. First, there was the decision to quit my job as an employee in a big IT software engineering and consulting company. So you can be prepared to read more about my way of becoming a freelancer and shortly after that becoming an entrepreneur of a remote operating company. In this context I will also grab the chance to tell my story emigrating to Germany as I´m originally from Kosovo which had such a big impact that it still painting my life picture.

The second decision was to change my diet from normal (nor- what?) to the ketogenic diet. It meant not just the start to improve nutrition, but more important to dive into biohacking and getting way more interested in the human body than ever before. Be also prepared to read about health, fitness and my experiences from the ketogenic diet, polyphasic sleeping and probably other experiments I will put myself into.

Last but not least I started a personal initiative to increase and also change my mindset on certain things which leads me to an never-ending improvement loop on myself so far. In this blog thus you will also find information about certain aspects of mindset improvement, financial independence and personally defining the meaning of life.

I´m excited to start this journey with you and hope you will be on board.