Movie Making Background – Part One

About the passion for creating motion pictures and telling stories.



Like I mentioned there was a time where I used to make short movies. The desire started back in the days when I was twelve years old. At this time a lot of weddings were organized by people from the asylum seeker skyscraper. My dad bought a Mini-DV camera and recorded nearly every wedding we attended to. I asked him several times to borrow me the camera so I can make short movies. It was a childs dream. But my father was of course affraid to give me this 500,- DM (DM = german money before Euro) camera so I can play around with it.

Two years later my father bought another camera. A friend of him sold it and as it was a newer model my father could continue record weddings but for me the time had come to start another attempt to get the old one. So I asked again and my father said: Yes, for sure. He was obviously in a good mood by buying the new one, so the timin was right. I´m still thinking today that he couldn´t imagine what this meant to me. I could start making movies. And I did immediately. I told my brother that we are ready to go but wait… How the hell would we connect the camera to our PC for post production? You are thinking of SD Cards or fancy cloud uploaded services. What year is it, friend? It was 2003 so nothing like this was affordable or even invented.

I browsed the internet to find out how to connect the two devices and I learned that a special cable would do the job called Firewire. But after I bought the cable from a store and plugged it in… nothing happened on my Windows machine. Back to the internet I searched this time for software to check the connection to the camera. In the forums some guys recommended Microsoft MovieMaker, Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere. The first one was for free and integrated into Windows XP, so I give it a try. I felt like the greates hacker on earth when I was able to see in Movie Maker what the camera was seeing. The connection worked, OMG!

I told my brother again that we are now really ready to go. Now you have to imagine that the Camera was directly connected to the PC and standing on my desk pointing to our room (some kind of school office + bedroom combination). Even the camera was not moving, I gave my brother the role of the camera man. I would be the actor but there has to be another one, I thought. So I called my little cousin (but oldest one in germany) to join the first movie we will produce. The story was complex and creative: The two of us will get into trouble with each other and end up in a fight within 30 seconds of a verbal discussion. Come on, friend, we didn´t want to plan a lot but go immidiately to shooting the scene. There was not one single cut, just record the scene in one shot. When we  watch this first movie nowdays it´s one of the funniest stuff we ever did. Especially when my cousin trys to attack me by a jump move and crashes into the closet. Now imagine, the camera is still recording when my Mum opens the door in rage mode and yelled at me if I´m  clear in mind. One of the most epic unplanned cameos in our history.

Alright, this is how it starts. We continued to improve our technology and techniques. We started to introduce more cousins into the movies, establishing cuts between scenes and improve story telling. We even gave ourselves a name: A.T. Brothers productions, holy cow. Our cousins grew up with this hobby and it will be part of their memories forever. As I mentioned I even tried to produce a full-length feature film and when all the effort went down the hill there was a bigger break on movie making. Not because of frustration but more because I started with A-Level and was pretty engaged.

Want to know how I started a comeback in 2012 and produced a movie that reached nearly 600.000 views on YouTube? Then stay tuned for the second part.