Movie Making Background – Part Two

About the passion for creating motion pictures and telling stories.



In my last article I covered how I started making short movies and how it got paused by starting with A-Level. The break last approximately for six years. In this time me and my team did probably two more short movies, so it become really rare.

In 2012 I went to London to study abroad for six months. While being there I browsed on YouTube from time to time and realized that something is changing. There were not just videos published by strangers from all around the world but there were some guys who really build up a fan base. I remember in 2012 the biggest YouTuber in Germany got 300.000 subscribers. Related to todays top list it sounds pretty cute when you realize that the top list has a community of four million people.

It is amazing how much changed for six years. Back in 2012 people were laughing at these YouTube creators who pretend to compete with television and even started a content creation business by monetizing. Nobody of them is laughing today anymore. Some of the creators who started early achieved a superstar status, being able to earn money for doing what they love and got salaries where regular employees can just dream of.

But back to my path. I realized as well that something big is going to happen with all this social media that came like a wave. As I finished university in October 2012 and got my first salary as a software engineer, I started to buy movie making equipment and planned a comeback as an organization called acastaEntertainment with my brother and my cousins. Same team after years as passed. I was so crazy motivated that I started several YouTube channels at the same time. We had one channel for short movies, one for sport videos, one for vlogging another one for music cover videos etc. What I didn´t realize was that it´s nearly a full time job managing one single YouTube account and make it popular.

The main focus was on acastaMovies, our short movie channel. We published the first movie called Nightmares in Octobre, 2012. All our friends gave us great feedback and that motivated us to continue the show. We created even more channels for example one for our albanian community called IllyrianTV and published short movies there as well. Recapitulating it with the mindset of today we tried too much things at the same time, which was not a bad thing for experimenting but more for focus and increasing the fan base. Of course you are producing movies to share it with as much people as you can.

There was this day when my brother and I were out for dinner discussing an idea and a friend of mine text me as he saw our previous movies and had the wish to be part of our next one. He was a kickbox athlete and we lived in the same asylum seeker skyscraper back in the days. My brother and I customized our story to integrate our friend in it because we thought that this will fit. The basic story was about a drug addicted person and his elder brother, a disciplined and motivated box athlete. As the elder brother catched his younger brother by taking heroine both jumped into a fight for motivation, what finally became the title of the movie. You can check it out here: We shot the scenes in four weekends one after another, so everytime we finished work on friday, we started to continue working on our YouTube project. It was an amazing time where we unleashed our potential drived by a high motivation and doing the things we love.

I will never forget that night when I was doing the post-production of the final version with my brother. I always used to cut the material while my brother was doing the color grading part. All our friends and especially the friends of our popular box athlete were waiting for the publishing. We never experienced such an interest on our work before but just get our stuff done and finally released the movie. What happens then will last forever in my memories: As I published the short movie on Facebook and the first guys finished watching it, there was this moment where I was scrolling my facebook timeline and keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. There was nothing else to see anymore but our movie. My brother and I started to hug each other and felt like winning a bloody oscar for our work. People went crazy commenting how emotionally they got touched by the story and that was at the same time the key why they were sharing it and made this movie the most successful one we ever produced. I told my brother that we can retire now because we reached everything we wanted. A movie with a story that touched people, shared it all over the world (viewers from Brazil to Russia to Japan) and brought these two brothers in a famous state for all our friends. Until today it reached nearly 600.000 clicks by a channel that got only 1.000 subscribers.

Of course we did not retire but still published short movies and even we could never reached the success of Fight for Motivation I remember a time of developing so much skills in photography editing, movie post-production, visual effects and social media marketing. It was one of greatest times in my life for sure. My cousins loved this whole project as well and I was always so proud when they told me about their superstar status at school when all their friends saw these young ators performing on YouTube.

Our last movie on the channel from 2014 called Injection showed all our skills at that time and I´m pretty proud of this one as we closed this chapter with a final qualitative product. It was not a planned quit of this amazing hobby but my work as a software engineer took over my life again as a I had to travel a lot around germany and the weekends became the only islands to spend time with family.

My brother and I still talk about movie ideas and how to realize them but as we are both in our jobs as software engineers and even work on private IT projects at home, there is no time available for another time consuming hobby. But hope dies last. Until we celebrate another comeback we leave you with our legacy on YouTube and hope that you like it.