The only one podcast in the world that will show you how to achieve your most ambitious goals the super human way, how to become a gamechanger and how you can live life based on your own rules.

Super Human Mind -Podcast

This podcast covers four different fields: mindset, fitness & nutrition, knowledge and ambition. Bringing all these fields into balance will make it possible to lead a successful life and break any boundaries.

podcast COntent

We will travel through nutrition focussed on my own experience practicing the ketogenic diet to own body weight fitness (calisthenics) over mindset growth using different techniques up to increasing discipline in an extraordinary way. 

This podcast will describe how a successful life can look like without meaning a life with lots of money, sport cars and an private jet. We are talking about a succesful life which you lead based on your own rules, with a healthy body, a strong mindset, super human skills and last but not least deep relationships.

I´m excited to take this adventure with you and leaving the comfort zone once again to grow and achieve our most ambitious goals the super human way.


podcast Producers

This podcast is produced by the full-remote company MakerMinds L.L.C., which is not only recording the  podcast, but also processing the post-production, publishing and promoting the show. All delivered by Virtual Copilots services