Strange New World

About entering the self-employment area with unlimited possibilities.


Before we start with my journey to Hamburg to take part on the Cititzen Circle autumn meeting 2018, I want to tell you the story of my customer journey until my attendance to this event. This is important to understand patterns of todays businesses and how effective some methods can be where you probably would say they will not work.

The last day in my companies office I used for saying goodbye to my colleagues and close a chapter in my life. I realized how much this company had shaped me and what deep relationship I had built up with my colleagues.

But it was time to open a new chapter and leave the standard path to jump into something more exciting. No defined income, no defined hours of work per week, no company managing all the stuff around and no security backpack as well. It was just me now and the fact that from this point on my decisions will build up the path in front of me. And if it leads to success or to failure was an uncertainty that I’ve chosen.

But something deep inside me gave me signals and the signals were clear: This is exactly what suits you because there was always entrepreneurship in you. The signals came from experiences years ago, where I was fourteen years old and started movie making including all the skills as planning, shooting and post-production learned in self study. I even tried to make a full feature film at the age of sixteen where I build up a team of nearly thirty members from the asylum seeker skyscraper with the topic of showing our experiences living in this high building. Unfortunately the movie never got finished and released because you can imagine that organizing and motivating thirty people over weeks is a pretty difficult try.

However, this experiences gave me the self confidence to try different stuff later on but finally ending up following my career as an software consultant in a big company and leaving everything else behind. Leaving behind because as a consultant I had to travel a lot and weekends became islands where I could meet my family and friends.

This led me to philosophic meetings with myself and believe me, if you spent so much time alone in hotel rooms there is a lot of space for those kind of meetings. And this was the time where the freelancing approach grew bigger and bigger until it became reality.

I was standing outside in front of my companies building and just gave me the time to realize what just happened. It felt right. It felt good. It felt strange.

I have to be honest to you that I was not jumping into nothing because the client of my ex company was pretty interested in my knowhow and offered me a freelance job immediately. So this was the best start I could have. But I realized pretty quick that freelancing is just another stop on my path. From that point on my life changed completely by experiencing a strange new world.So at this point I was thankful to find that book and to learn from Tim´s experience. Tim was referring to his blog called earthcity, but when I searched for it, I got redirected to a website called and I was confused what just happened. I really thought first I typed something wrong but the main title sounded topic familiar: Live your life based on your own rules and work location independent. After some more scrolling I found a book called „I love Mondays“ and the author was, suprise, Tim Chimoy. So the redirect was not an error based on my typing but was a relaunch of But this relaunch was not just a blog it was a membership platform. I was fascinated by this concept from the start and also interested to learn more about it. I even bought the „I love Mondays“ book for a simple reason: as I´m a guy, who loves progress and working on my own stuff, the book title was catchy and provocative. From this book I learned that there exists a podcast with the same name, where the Citizen Circle was mentioned again and explained in more detail. By that I got registered to the e-mail newsletter of Citizen Circle and via this push service I finally got invited to a meetup this weekend.

What I want to explain is how a customer journey can work these days. You buy a book, got introduced to the author, get a reference to his website, get registered to the newsletter and directed to an event of the main product: the membership platform. So as I´m considering to join this membership platform now, we can call this a multi-medium customer journey with a lot of touchpoints to finally achieve the sale. It sounds probably cold, money oriented and as my shocking analysis, but I want to express the opposite. It shows how opportunities are coming up to start digital businesses and indeed work location independent.

At this point it´s important to mention that this is not an ad article and I´m not getting paid by Tim Chimoy or the Citizen Circle. It´s about describing my journey and reveal todays opportunities that are part of the main content on this blog.

In the second part of this article series I will cover the weekend itself, how I still got my own stuff done on this so called workation and how I experienced the event.