SUHUMI – My way to Super Human Mind

When discipline unleashes super human power.



About improving mindset

“You are a crazy one!” is a common sentence I hear when I tell people about my several projects running all at the same time and about my current lifestyle, which combines different biohacking and mindhacking techniques. I will call these combination SUHUMI which stands for the Super Human Mind. Even if it sounds like something japanese to eat.

It started all with my decision to quit my job and become a freelancer. At quite the same time I learned from a collegue about the ketogenic diet which I am still practicing. Both happenings changed my life in a drastic way and lead to the current state I am living in.

Morning routine

The most important thing is my morning routine (miracle morning) which consists of waking up at 5 am (everyday including weekends) and having a cold shower first. After that meditating follows, then preparing my bullet proof coffee and reading a book or listening to some podcast. Finally I get ready for work. It is an interesting thing when you got control over yourself in such a way that you can easily move out of your comfort zone. This cold shower practice for example was a gamechanger and it is one important element for the super human mind. My days starts in a special way because this is the first thing I do after I wake up and it symbolizes the control over myself by voluntarily selecting cold. Selecting focus. Selecting drive.

A mindset of limitless opportunities

Another element is my mindset as I currently believe that nothing is impossible anymore. The more I do the more I increase my self-confidence and the higher my self-confidence the more things I dare to do. So as I know a lot of people which are limiting theirselves with statements like “It will not work out.” or “I can not do that.” or even worse “I will never be able to achieve this.”, I realized that our energy and our faith is depending on our feelings and our mind. I quitted my job and jumped into a complete new lifestyle which enables so many further activities. I mean after one year of freelancing I was ready to open an own business last month (MakerMinds LLC) and continue moving in my goals direction: leading a self-determined life and be able to work location- and time independent.

An interesting thing I noticed the last months is that ones you are following a certain path you attract people with the same mindset and opportunities supporting your way. That also explains why people who are thinking in a negative way experience bad luck and are surrounded by people who are also desperate and unmotivated to do something about it.

Improvement for the best version of you

The final thing I want to say here is that I recommend to enter a path of a never ending improvement approach. I always try to be the best version of me every day. Keep your body and mind in a continious update mode that for more people is less important than keeping their phones updated. Read books and articles, do some fitness, try things out and increase your skills to be valuable.

It is not just a benefit for yourself but things are getting even more valuable and important when you start to share your routines and processes that are working for you.

Skills are also the key to great opportunites and I want to give you a personal example here. My brother is working as a software engineer but back in the past he was always on my side when we did videography and photography. So my ex business company needed a photographer for a summer event and they knew that I did some stuff in that direction. They asked me if I would knew anyone who can do the job on that event. So I recommended my brother and he got hired for this task. Now if my brother had not the photography skills he would also not have the opportunity to do this job, earn some extra money, meet new people and eat from the buffet for free. That is true opportunity extension.

Our skills are leading us to great opportunities and these skills can just be developed by continious improvement for the best version of ourselves.