SummItUp 2018

About reviewing a very special, gamechanging year.



So this is it. Now I have to sort myself pretty good because this year was probably the one with the most happenings so far. And I have to warn you that there will be not linear storytelling here but topic driven.

It started with a new chapter being self-employed for the first time and try to get into all the adventures from accounting, sending bills around and experiencing a new kind of freedom by working only four days a week. But at the same time I had more time to think about life and about my next goals. But more important about my own why, so what is the reason for doing the things I do and pushing myself everyday.

One of the bigger changes I brought from 2017 was my new diet, the ketogenic diet I started in november 2017. By doing this I realized how little I knew about my own body and what humans are capable of. And this triggered me, it really did. My interest for reading increased a lot by getting prepared for self-employment. It continued in my interest for personal development, health, nutrition, fitness and sleep. Sleep is a good connector here.

While reading I found out that some people are practicing a morning routine called the miracle morning. The deal was to wake up one hour before you usually wake up to do some meditation, fitness and reading. My reading volume during the week increased a lot and I was able to finish one book after another. But I still was not ready to start with meditation. Another freaky technique I heard of was polyphasic sleeping. So I went into this and slept for more than one and a half month just 3 hours a night and three times 20 minutes over the day. In this phase I was crazy productive and pushed a lot of things, like my own blog, my personal banking app development and creating an initiative I called the KosovoCircle. The end of polyphasic sleeping was when people told me that I look very tired, even if I felt that I got adopted to the sleeping cycle. Two months ago I finally started with meditation and cold showers pushing myself more of the comfort zone.

Related to my questioning of my own why I realized at some point that I was leading a life I was incredible thankful for. But on the other hand I knew that there are a lot of people out there who are not in this position and are in need for help. So thinking of my next goals I wanted to use my energy and my knowledge to help others instead of just enjoying this life for myself. It should start by challenging the difficult situations in my home country Kosovo, where a lot of young people are unemployed. However, before getting an idea of where to start and what to do in this complex field I decided to fly over to Kosovos capital Prishtina and my home town Podujeve / Besiana talking to business managers, IT professionals and young graduates who are not able to find a job. A feeling of being responsible for this situation and the belief to be able to make a difference, brought me to the point to start the mentioned initiative called KosovoCircle.

The KosovoCircle could be an own article so I want to explain it short and simple: The aim is to use the knowledge of the albanian diaspora to start different projects for improving job offers, knowhow transfers and enabling collaboration worldwide. Therefore I started a first event to inform the interested people about the concept and was even able to organize a second event with my growing team members at the end of 2018. By pushing this initiative forward we try to fill the world with hope. To fill ourselves with hope. Being supportive. Make a difference. A wise man said, if you want to grow, you have to do things that are greater than you.

Last but not least I want to mention the travels of 2018. There were a lot of short trips with different people that were amazing, with a lot of fun and experience. But I want to mention here three of the main travels of the year. There was the incredible 4.000 km roadtrip with my brother through Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia and Hungary. I just can say that this trip was the biggest adventure of the year, brought us new friends, new places and new experiences. But this should not be the end as we planned another trip through Thailand for the first time with two of our closest friends. I don´t have to tell you that I felt in love with this country and for me it was a great chance to expand my horizont. The final started just a few days ago: The new years trip with my parents and my brother to Prague. The most important thing here was that exploring a city, travelling around and watching fireworks is just the background noise of the aspect of having this great family and having the opportunity to jump into new year while being together. The connection between us and the energy  supplied by our love is my main driver.

All in all I need to review my photos and videos to get an idea of this fully packed year. I´m so grateful for all this, but this year I learned that I need not to say thank you but try to give my input on making the world a little bit more of a better place.