A Kosovo Workation

A Kosovo Workation About responsibility, impact and drive. By ARBRIM THACI We Need To Take Action I was standing at the airport and all I could think of was what will happen the next few days. In Germany I am a full time freelance software engineer and work on my own concept just in the […]

Interview with Koray Miamii – talk2improv3rs

Interview with Koray Miamii – talk2improv3rs How to become whoever you want to be anytime. By ARBRIM THACI In talk2improv3rs I´m interviewing people who are thinking out of the box and looking forward to entrepreneurship, self-realization and modern working. Today I´m glad to welcome Koray Miamii as my guest and talk about his story of […]

Entrepreneurship & Continuous Improvement

Entrepreneurship & Continuous Improvement About starting a business and become super human. By ARBRIM THACI My dream came true. I became a freelancer and was self-employed. Never beg my boss for a higher salary and make requests for vacation again. The feeling was amazing before I even started. I wanted to learn more about the […]