Gamechangers in Kosovo

Gamechangers in Kosovo About returning back home, destiny and a mission to make the future. By ARBRIM THACI It’s pretty ironic that I’m in Kosovo for three weeks now, knowing that two more weeks will follow. As I mentioned in my previous article, just a few years ago I decided to not travel to Kosovo […]

A Kosovo Workation

A Kosovo Workation About responsibility, impact and drive. By ARBRIM THACI We Need To Take Action I was standing at the airport and all I could think of was what will happen the next few days. In Germany I am a full time freelance software engineer and work on my own concept just in the […]

SummItUp 2018

SummItUp 2018 About reviewing a very special, gamechanging year. By ARBRIM THACI So this is it. Now I have to sort myself pretty good because this year was probably the one with the most happenings so far. And I have to warn you that there will be not linear storytelling here but topic driven. It […]

WHO AM I – Part Three

WHO AM I – Part Three About Arbrim Thaci. By ARBRIM THACI I worked on the project of the central bank of germany in Hanover for eleven months until November 2014. After that I returned back to Cologne with a complete changed mindset and future expectation. Thoughts came up as questioning our standard career system, […]