Interview with Koray Miamii – talk2improv3rs

Interview with Koray Miamii – talk2improv3rs How to become whoever you want to be anytime. By ARBRIM THACI In talk2improv3rs I´m interviewing people who are thinking out of the box and looking forward to entrepreneurship, self-realization and modern working. Today I´m glad to welcome Koray Miamii as my guest and talk about his story of […]

Strange New World

Strange New World About entering the self-employment area with unlimited possibilities. By ARBRIM THACI Before we start with my journey to Hamburg to take part on the Cititzen Circle autumn meeting 2018, I want to tell you the story of my customer journey until my attendance to this event. This is important to understand patterns […]

WHO AM I – Part Three

WHO AM I – Part Three About Arbrim Thaci. By ARBRIM THACI I worked on the project of the central bank of germany in Hanover for eleven months until November 2014. After that I returned back to Cologne with a complete changed mindset and future expectation. Thoughts came up as questioning our standard career system, […]