SUHUMI – My way to Super Human Mind

SUHUMI – My way to Super Human Mind When discipline unleashes super human power. By ARBRIM THACI About improving mindset “You are a crazy one!” is a common sentence I hear when I tell people about my several projects running all at the same time and about my current lifestyle, which combines different biohacking and […]

A Kosovo Workation

A Kosovo Workation About responsibility, impact and drive. By ARBRIM THACI We Need To Take Action I was standing at the airport and all I could think of was what will happen the next few days. In Germany I am a full time freelance software engineer and work on my own concept just in the […]

Why are you here?

Why are you here? About finding your passion, setting goals and direction.  By ARBRIM THACI Why are you here? Imagine you are walking into a café and while you take a seat and you are just about to have a look at the menu, the first entry gets your attention: Why are you here? (inspired […]

My Customer Journey to the Citizen Circle – Part One

My Customer Journey to the Citizen Circle – Part One About inspiration, community and marketing. By ARBRIM THACI Before we start with my journey to Hamburg to take part on the Cititzen Circle autumn meeting 2018, I want to tell you the story of my customer journey until my attendance to this event. This is […]