WHO AM I - Part One

About Arbrim Thaci.


Foreword: This article will be what I call an umbrella article and will be even seperated in two parts as I realized that I need some words to tell you my story. Every section is a short summary of an upcoming own article where I explain things in more detail.

I was born in Kosovo the tiny little country you probably know from the 90s television news when the Balkan war affected Kosovo aswell. Back in 1993 my parents decided to emigrate to Germany with hope to escape the war and lead a better life. On this dangerous attempt they had two kids participating, my brother (two and a half years old) and me (four years old). We finally made it to Germany and got sent to Cologne where we would stay for 24 years.

The first five years we used to live in a transformed asylum seeker hotel. After that my family and I were sent to another place in Cologne finding ourselves in a tewelve storey skyscraper for asylum seekers. We would live there for nine more years, waiting for our permission to stay permanently in Germany. All in all we waited fourteen years and got the documents in 2007. We finally left the skyscraper in 2008 and got our first own flat in Cologne where we stayed for nine more years before I bought a house in 2017 and moved in with the gang (my parents and my brother).

I was able to start in Germany at kindergarten and moving on to primary school where I had to repeat the third class because my german language was not good enough, Probably as a matter of fact that I was rising up bilingually and talking albanian all the time at home. After primary school my teacher gave me the recommendation to continue to a higher secondary school in 2000 defining the first step to be able to achieve more. Completing the secondary school in 2006 I continued to high school. By finishing this one aswell in 2009 I gave up my dream becoming a movie maker and started studying business computer science at a private university. I even decided to grab the opportunity to start a trainy program beside which would result in two degrees at the end of university.

Studying in a dual system I started to work parallel in a small IT company that payed my study fees as a partner company of university. The deal was that after I would finish my studies I had to work for the company for two more years by contract. So I finished my studies in 2012 and started to work one more year for the partner company. But unfortunately they started to struggle and fired me for the reason of not being able to pay me anymore.

I found myself unemployed. That was a short career I thought. But this fate meant to change everything and was just another point of defining my path to get there where I am now. We will continue this in WHO AM I – Part Two.