WHO AM I - Part Two

About Arbrim Thaci.


I finished my last article with the fact that I got fired by my first company due to financial issues and I also mentioned that this happening changed my path completely.

In the same month where I lost my job, it was March 2013, I started to contact my fellow students, who all were working in their partner companies and created some applications. I remembered one company, a lecturer mentioned in university and said that this one is a great place to work. It was adesso AG from Dortmund, Germany and a fellow student was working there being really satisfied. After I sent all applications, every single one returned with a job offer. I realized that university payed off reminding myself that three years ago I really struggled to find a partner company (we will go in another article into more detail). As the company adesso AG was somehow my favourite, I signed their contract in April 2013 and continued my career as an software engineer.

I worked for six months in a inhouse project and in addition to the fact that I experienced an extremely high learning curve in Java programming, I met some great colleagues who are still today close friends. But the project finished in October 2013 and this seperated our ways in the company. I worked three more months in the Dortmund headquartes in a project for lotto companies and learned again a lot from the colleagues there.

At the end of 2013 my boss talked to me about a product engineering project in Wuppertal, Germany at the headquarters of the insurance company Barmenia. The contract inventory management product called PSLife needed more developers so I had the chance to join. But then something unexpected happened at the same time. adesso participated also in a project announcement in Hanover for the central bank of germany competing with IBM and Hays. My boss told me that some colleagues went there for an interview but nobody managed to get a job offer. With this information I was sure that I wouldn´t make it aswell but however my boss told me to take the chance to train getting interviewed. So I took a trip to Hannover, got interviewed by the central bank of Germany and … they offered me to start in January 2014 until the project would end in November 2014. Even I was shocked working the first time in a city so far from home that I had to stay there over the week, this opportunity had a big impact on my path.

Until this point I was so happy working for a big company, being a valuable employee, improve a lot and earning a pretty good salary. However in Hanover I was one of five external consultants but the only one who was not self-employed, not a freelancer. So you can imagine that working with these guys for 11 months will change your mindset forever. Especially the project architect was a big inspiration and I learned to think out of the standard career box. An idea grew in my head which was unstoppable. I wanted to become a freelancer aswell. Independent, my own boss, free. And I knew that this would exactly suit me.

Did I said I will be able to tell my basic story in two chapters? I was wrong. How my path continued will be covered in WHO AM I – Part Three.